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HomePg-Circles-RapidEyeWhat type of tests are administered?

  1. ERAM is made up of daily eye recognition tests screening for the pupil’s reaction to light, horizontal gaze nystagmus, dilation/constriction, non-convergence and other behavioral abnormalities. Known as the “Rapid Eye Technique” this red-flag test is similar to that of a sobriety test administered by an officer in the field. When a new participant is enrolled, a urine screen is administered by the agency to assure that the client is clean. Reference photo’s are then taken of their face, left eye, and right eye. These will serve as base-line facial recognition photo’s for the administrator that is performing future tests.
  2. In addition to Rapid-Eye Testing, we also perform medication compliance monitoring. When overseeing participants who are required to take medications, especially those whom you suspect may be abusing them, it is important to be able to identify and confirm drug compliance, diversion or abuse. Thanks to ERAM, we are able observe medication intake in real-time and offer therapeutic contact on a daily basis.

Monitoring Medication Compliance:


  • Pre-packaged Medications: Pharmacy’s have the capability to package medication(s) based on daily requirements. Pre-packaged medication will reduce preventable medication errors and eliminate the risk of missed medications or incorrect dosing. The package generally illustrates the client’s name, date and time of day for which the medication is to be taken. Some packaging can be less detailed based on need for the agency. The client is instructed to hold the package up to the ERAM camera, and an administrator will take a snapshot of the package validating the prescription intake. The client will then open the package in front of the camera, and continue to take the medications orally with water. Once the medication has been taken, the client will then guide the ERAM camera to their mouth from which they are instructed to lift their tongue and open their cheeks to confirm that the medication has not been tampered with.
  • Self-Reporting / Staffing: Thanks to ERAM, many of those who have transportation and employment conflicts will no longer be of concern. Our remote medication monitoring creates efficiency for Medication Assistance Treatment teams and reduces the window of criminal thinking.
  • Self-Intake: Often many individuals are ordered/required to take medication without any form of accountability. The lack of intake accountability is a leading indicator of prescription abuse. ERAM is built to fill this void.

How do you confirm who is taking the test?

All participants will be given the equipment and a simple tutorial as to what to expect for any given test. All tests are performed in front of the devices HD camera. Utilizing the LED light, speaker and microphone, this allows the administrator to both see, hear and speak with the client, however the client can only hear and speak to the operator. All oral swab tests and medications are individually pre-packaged. Prior to taking the test, it must be opened and displayed in front of the camera. The operator will confirm that it has not been tampered with and the client will continue taking the test. Throughout the duration of the test, no part of the swab or medication can leave the site of the camera otherwise making it an invalid test. Upon completion of the test, screenshots are taken, and the operator will examine the results appropriately.

Who performs the test and does it work?

ABK Remote Drug Testing can perform the test along with any authorized agency.  ABK administrators are trained on specific nuances of the Rapid-Eye Technique that apply to our program. As stated above, more specifically looking for the pupil’s reaction to a light stimulus, horizontal gaze nystagmus, pupil dilation/constriction, non-convergence and other behavioral abnormalities when administering a test. All tests administered by ABK are done so through a call center package.  This can be programmed to call up the participant to take their medication or give a random eye test / oral swab at any given time. The software has embedded video of the participant which allows that operator or case manager to communicate through the camera’s two way voice control. Additionally, the software allows the operator to take case notes of the test and snapshots of the participant taking the tests. All data is stored at our central office. Once the test is completed, an email notification is sent out to the authorized personnel of the results. These results will display the case notes, results, operator name and name of client. That agency will have an assigned login from which they can use to view the snapshots taken of that client at any given time.