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Live Remote Rapid Eye Testing

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ERAM utilizes a strategic partnership formed with DAR’s (Drug Abuse Recognition) systems. DAR’s, specifically the Rapid Eye Technique, is a trained non-invasive pupil diagnostic process that is highly accurate in determining current and recent drug use. DAR’s has been taught to thousands of public safety officials across the United States and has become a staple in field sobriety testing. Together we have developed a brief-intensive program that each ERAM administrator is educated in to validate what indicators correlate to substance use.

Upon intake, each client is given a baseline drug screen, preferably 10 panel or greater. Once confirmed negative, a reference photo is taken of their face, left and right eye that is then stored to their dedicated account. Random or scheduled tests are arranged daily, and the testing process is then diligently explained to the client. The client is finally provided a locked down mobile device with pre-loaded ERAM software. It is impossible to physically shut down / alter the device, or its settings, without detection of non-compliance.

Eye Test

Utilizing 4 main keys, ERAM is able to perform a remote field sobriety test anywhere in the United States and obtain immediate results:

  1. Pupil reaction to light stimulus
  2. Pupil comparison (dilation/ constriction)
  3. Horizontal gaze nystagmus
  4. Non-convergence


ERAM is completely web based and operated through a secured network. By employing a web and mobile application, we are given operational flexibility to provide ERAM in a number of different facets such as:

  • Provide authorities with the tools to perform ERAM tests self-sufficiently. This may include but is not limited to:
    1. Probation / Parole Officers / Behavioral Health Agencies
    2. Correctional / Administrative Staff
    3. Private Probation Departments / Other Monitoring Authorities
  • Provide a full turn-key ERAM experience through ABK Remote Drug Testing that is customizable per the needs of that specific agency